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Using Natural Granite To Produce High-precision Mechanical Components And Measuring Tools


The precision granite component can maintain its own high precision for long time which make the production made by it and the precision grade detected by it could be more accurate and stable.

Air Bearings Guide Rail / Straight Edge

Based on the static and static pressure effect of gas, the granite air flotation rail can move smoothly without friction and vibration.It has the characteristics of high motion precision and environmental protection.Because of its error equalization, it can be used to obtain higher guidance precision with lower manufacturing precision.Usually combined with servo drive and sensor to form a closed loop system to achieve high-precision displacement positioning.

Measuring Instrument

Generally the precision granite measuring instruments include: granite detection platform,granite straight edge,granite triangular square,granite square master,granite cubes,granite Vee-block,granite comparison platform etc.,which are suitable for various high-precision detection and testing tasks,such as detection of straightness, flatness, perpendicularity,parallelism of machine tool tables, guide rails and workpieces etc.